Can Walking Help Relieve My Lower Back Pain?

Back pain may have any number of different causes, from disc degeneration or damage, to muscle strain, to inflammation. Having a recurring issue can be both scary and very inconvenient. But if you’ve been experiencing chronic pain in your lower back region, the good news is that relief may be as simple as going for a walk each morning (or afternoon, or evening).

How Walking Eases Back Pain

Our bodies are meant to move, and when they don’t, they’re susceptible to muscle atrophy and other issues that can compound the pain you feel. Walking provides a number of healing and pain-relieving benefits, including:

  • Strengthened muscles – a powerful core will keep your posture solid and your spine stable.
  • Boosted flexibility – exercise goes hand-in-hand with improved range of motion (try stretching, too!). This, in turn, will go far towards preventing pain from getting worse or recurring in the future.
  • Denser bone mass – actively working against the pull of gravity is a great way to increase bone density, which will counter the back pain experienced by those suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Endorphin release – any exercise is associated with the release of chemicals in your brain called “endorphins”. These actually reduce the levels pain that you perceive, and (in sufficient levels) can trigger an all-around feeling of euphoria.
  • Increased flow of nutrients – exercise is also a circulation-booster, and by working out the muscles of the lower back, you’re encouraging rejuvenating blood flow to the area of pain.

Walking is a Safe Approach

family walkingWith so many causes for back pain, there’s no single solution that’s guaranteed to resolve the issue. But before jumping to more involved and complicated steps, like prescription medication or surgery, trying out a daily walk is a safe choice for nearly everyone.

Walking is a low-impact, low-stress exercise, and the odds of injury or complication as a result are extremely low. You’ve got very little to lose, so speak with your doctor and give it a shot! If it doesn’t prove effective enough for your specific pain, there are always alternatives to explore.

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