Top Causes of Disc Pain

Our spinal columns consist of a cord of nerves, protected a series of small bones (vertebrae) that are cushioned against one another by discs of cartilage and fibrous tissue. As you might imagine, stress or damages relating to the nerves, vertebrae, and discs can be a rather painful experience and may require medical intervention. Chronic […]

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

In order to better understand what causes back pain to develop, we first need to explore what makes up the inner workings of our spinal column: What are these discs, anyway? You can think of the human spine has having two primary components – a series of small bones, called vertebrae, and a set of […]

What are the Typical Causes for a Herniated Disc?

Our spinal column is made up of a series of bones, called vertebrae, which are separated from one another by discs. These discs serve as a cushioning layer to protect the vertebrae from the shocks they receive from all sorts of daily activities, from simple walking and twisting to sprinting and heavy lifting. Intervertebral discs […]

Major Causes Of Disc Pain

A great amount of people will suffer from back pain. A common reason for this uncomfortable problem lies within the discs of the spine. The purpose of a disc is to absorb shock away from the vertebrae. It also adds to the spine’s mobility. When problems occur in this body part, pain becomes more and […]