Disc Pain

At Atlanta Spine Surgery, we make patient education a priority. The better patients understand the anatomy of the spine, vertebrae and discs, the easier it is to select proper treatment and work wisely toward recovery.

Disc pain is a condition – or a term associated with several conditions – that has become somewhat convoluted. If you’re suffering from back pain associated with a disc problem it could be the result of several conditions, such as a herniated disc, slipped disc or even something more serious, like degenerative disc disease.

Discogenic back pain, or lumbar disc pain, are other terms used to describe this type of discomfort, and depending on the cause, treatment options are diverse. It can range from mild, over the counter medications and massage to minimally invasive, as well as more serious, spinal surgery.

If your pain is persistent; affecting other areas of your body, especially your extremities; waking you from sleep; or occurring as a result of a car crash, sports injury or other form of trauma, you should arrange a consultation with a spinal specialist.

At Atlanta Spine Surgery, we explore all possible reasons for your discomfort, including those associated with disc conditions and disc pain.