Injection Therapy

For some conditions, injection therapy is the ideal non-surgical option, and most injections contain two essential components: a numbing agent and a steroidal agent. Damaged, inflamed and pressured nerves get relief from one of many types of injections – epidural, nerve blocking and discography are the most common.

Before an epidural injection is given – these are injected around the spinal cord – patients undergo tests, including imaging tests, to ensure that this is the right type of injection and the proper location for the medication to be administered. After numbing the area, the needle is gently inserted and the medication is passed through it to the area surrounding the spinal cord. Advanced fluoroscopy and our team’s expertise guarantee minimal pain, and we’re able to carefully perform the injection to achieve maximum results.

The back pain relief a nerve blocking injection provides is usually rapid yet temporary. Often, nerve blocks are used as part of the diagnosis process, to pinpoint the underlying, root cause of your discomfort. If your spinal specialist can determine which nerve is actually creating the back pain, it can be further and more specifically treated.

A discography is often performed to analyze and confirm disc damage. After contrast dye is injected into the disc, your specialist can watch, using advanced x-ray capabilities, to see if any of the dye releases from the disc and pain persists. If so, this helps determine the best treatment for that disc and the resulting back pain.