Minimal Invasive Surgery

Through advancements in technology, superior education and training, as well as the most sophisticated tools to date, spine surgery has become less and less invasive. At Atlanta Spine Surgery, we specialize in minimally invasive procedures, and because of this, we can offer an array of outstanding advantages to our clients – advantages they wouldn’t typically receive with traditional spine surgery.

Some of the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery include:

  • Smaller incisions. This is one of the greatest benefits because it allows your surgeon to reduce tissue damage, and this leads to less injury and pain.
  • Advanced equipment. Unlike traditional spinal surgery, we are able to use advanced imaging, 3D navigation and other technology to make real-time decisions and reduce the chances of human error. We’re experienced spine surgeons supported by the most advanced equipment necessary to optimize your results.
  • Reduced recovery time. Minimally invasive back surgery dramatically reduces the amount of recovery time so patients are able to heal faster and resume their regular lives over a much shorter period of time.

The recovery period will vary, however, depending on the scope of your operation, age and other factors. Typically, part time work can be resumed in one to two weeks, up to six weeks for full time or more strenuous work. Your surgeon will prescribe an individualized recovery plan following your surgery.

If you’re a candidate for spinal surgery, consider the several benefits a minimally invasive operation offers and discuss your options with one of our surgeons.