Non-Surgical Care

Back pain is a common and persistent condition that, at some point in our lives, approximately 80% of us will experience. Thankfully, there are several treatment options available, and before turning to more severe, invasive procedures, there are non-surgical care alternatives to explore.

The most common non-surgical back pain relief treatments are some we try even before consulting a specialist, such as over the counter pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, some prescription medications – such as oral steroids, muscle relaxers, narcotics and even anti-depressants – are sometimes recommended to ease back pain.

Manual manipulation is another option to explore, such as deep tissue massage. Manipulation of the muscles through targeted stretching is part of many back pain relief plans, depending on your condition.

There are also weight loss programs, exercise programs and lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce the pressure put on the back and spine.

One popular non-surgical back pain relief option is injection therapy, and a broad range of injections, ideal for different areas of the back and sources of discomfort, is available.